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6 reasons why Brexit is a bonkers idea

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Before I start let me be clear. Yes there are problems with the EU but that isn’t a reason to leave it. Don't bury your head in the sand and let people tell you that it is impossible to reform the EU and instead pretend that we can live in a perfect world outside of it. There are a lot of things in life, which don’t work as well as you want it to, but you know there is value in it and so you work at it and make it better. You don’t stick two fingers at it and walk away. The EU is too important to walk away from and if you don’t want to read what I have to say on it, that’s cool, instead spend 5 minutes to watch this short video by the Financial Times.

Let me argue in 6 simple points why for me its makes no logical sense to vote leave.

1. Economy: Almost every respected national and global institution has come out to say Brexit will have a negative impact on the British Economy. Here is where I see the starkest hypocrisy of many Brexit supporters. I know many people that I’ve spoken to and also observed across Facebook, who voted Conservative at the last election because they wanted ‘Economic Certainty’ and didn’t trust Labour with the economy. However the same people now seem to be willing to risk economic uncertainty against the advice of the Bank of England and the majority of big businesses on a gamble. This is embarrassingly hypocritical.

2. Immigration: To suggest we have zero control of our borders within the EU is untrue. The UK is the only Western European nation that did not join the passport free Schengen travel zone, which even other Non-EU member states such as Norway and Switzerland have joined! The UK are also able to refuse benefits to unemployed EU migrants. So it isn’t strictly true that we have no control.Also, despite all of the scaremongering, only 24% of net migration since 1990 has actually been down to EU Immigration according to the Office for National Statistics. The majority of immigration today is still From India, then China, then Pakistan and fourthly Poland. So those of you calling for a stop to Polish Immigration, logically you must be in favour of culling Indian, Chinese and Pakistani immigration too. If this is seriously your position then you are irrational and probably a hypocrite. Ian Duncan Smith, Former Work and Pensions secretary who created much of hype the around immigration and its impact on benefits was forced to admit that he lied and misled the public. The reality is that a EU migrant is LESS likely to claim benefits that British people.

3. There is no post Brexit Utopia: Norway Case Study: The Leave campaign often use Norway as the shining beacon of post Brexit Utopia. Whilst yes it’s true that Norway do enjoy access to EU markets through the EEA (European Economic Area), any sensible person will also understand that you can’t have something for nothing. To be part of the trade bloc, Norway still implements EU law, they still have EU immigration, they still have to retain EU’s product standards, financial regulations, and employment regulation and still contribute towards the EU budget. However they have zero influence over any of the policy decisions. This week the Norwegian Prime Minister and ex-EU advisor has advised Britain not to leave the EU warning us that if we leave we will still have to pay into Brussels but in return will no longer have any influence in decision making. So don’t be ridiculous to think we can leave the EU and still have a sweet deal on our terms at no cost. It isn't possible.

4. EU Regulation: Suddenly we seem fixated on ‘EU controlling UK Laws’. Which isn’t strictly true. Yes an unelected Europe commission does propose legislation. But it is fully accountable to the elected European parliament. Of course there are flaws with this structure, just as there are with the British democratic system. But it’s obviously better to be inside to reform it rather than outside and still be affected. EU legislation has been a blessing across many areas in the UK. Here are some of the workplace laws which have been ‘cast down upon us’ which you probably didn’t know came from Brussels:Minimum paid annual leave (now 28 days a year including bank holidays)Additional rights for agency and temporary workers and for part-time workersCurrent pregnancy and maternity leave rightsParental leaveWorking time (which includes a maximum of a 48-hour week unless you agree otherwise, and minimum rest breaks each day)Equal payAnti-discrimination rules on race, sex, disability, age and sexual orientationData protection rights

5. Identity & Scotland: If we vote to leave we will lose Scotland. The SNP will have a mandate to trigger another referendum. What are we then left with? A Northern Irish, Welsh and English Government led by Boris Johnson. Think about it! Brexit campaigners suggest we wont just remain ‘Little Englanders’ if we vote to leave. The reality is that we will and it will be to our detriment. What we must realise is that many of the global powers of the world are not liberal democracies. Many of them don’t buy into the ideals of our culture and so is important that we remain a close European community to challenge global threats we face as well as seizing the opportunities.

6. Credibility: I will leave you with this, yes you should make your own decision. But sometimes it’s good to see who’s on your side. Look at the two lists below. Whose opinion do you trust more? Don't gamble on our future on a ludicrous and illogical pursuit of a 'perfect' world outside of the EU. The reality is that we're stronger, safer and richer as part of a European Community.

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